Stories and features from and about Brunei, one of the region's smallest and richest countries.
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Brunei Darussalam, literally translated as a place of peace, did not always live up to its name. There was a time in history when the sultanate had to battle it out with colonizing Spain in what is known as the Castille War of 1578 and thereafter fight off pirates who were threatening its control of merchant traffic.

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Asia is home to some of the world's largest Muslim populations stretching from the ...

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Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah says a moratorium on capital punishment that already applies to ...

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Brunei won't enforce gay sex death penalty after backlash

UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet's comments follow that of a number of politicians and ...

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United Nations slams 'inhuman' Brunei law on stoning for adultery, gay sex

The tiny sultanate will implement the harsh new penal code – which also prescribes ...

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Brunei to impose death by stoning for gay sex and adultery

Brunei's Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah leads the official welcome of Chinese President Xi ...

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Xi Jinping in Brunei as oil-dependent sultanate seeks investment

Rappler places the spotlight on some of the spouses of the ASEAN leaders, from Brunei's ...

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Meet the spouses of the ASEAN leaders

(UPDATED) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and other leaders will attend a banquet to ...

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Sultan of bling: Brunei monarch marks golden jubilee in style

'Human rights is in a precipitous downward spiral in every ASEAN country except perhaps ...

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Southeast Asia's leaders steer away from democracy – activists

The Brunei leader and President Duterte witness the signing of deals on halal industry ...

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Sultan Bolkiah wants PH-Brunei cooperation vs drugs

Most people are too scared to speak up about the ban, and while some privately gripe ...

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Brunei's sultan bans Christmas in hardline shift

Capital Bandari Seri Begawan
Land Area 5,765 sq km
Population 422,675 (2014 estimate)
Currency Brunei dollar
Demonym Bruneian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Sultan Hassanal Boliah (since 1967)
Independence January 1, 1984
National Anthem Allah Peliharakan Sultan (God Bless His Majesty)
Languages Malay, English, Chinese
Religions Islam, Buddhism, Christianity
Year of ASEAN Membership 1984
Human Development Index 0.855 (2012)
GDP per Capita US$38,703
Internet Subscribers 560 (per 1,000 persons)
Inflation Rate 1.80% (2011)
Urban Population 75.7% (2011)
Life Expectancy 78.3 years
Tourist Arrival 242,000