Stretching from the Malay peninsula to the lush forests of Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia is a diverse and dynamic nation at the heart of Southeast Asia.


As its world-famous tourism campaign goes – this is Malaysia, truly Asia.

A multicultural state, Malaysia gained independence from British rule in 1957. Back then, it was known as the "Federation of Malaya" – composed only of 11 states.

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The case against Malaysiakini and editor-in-chief Steven Gan relates to 5 readers' ...

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Malaysian news site faces contempt of court case

The probe into the Qatar-based network's program adds concerns about a widening media ...

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Malaysia police question Australian Al Jazeera journalists

Musa Aman, ex-leader of Sabah state, is a senior member of the United Malays National ...

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Malaysia drops another high-profile corruption case

Mahathir Mohamad and 4 other federal lawmakers, including Mahathir's son, are sacked from ...

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Former Malaysian PM Mahathir, 4 others sacked from Bersatu party

Riza Aziz, who is also the stepson of Malaysia's disgraced ex-leader Najib Razak, is ...

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Malaysia drops charges against 'Wolf of Wall Street' producer

The US Justice Department says it has now returned or helped Malaysia recover nearly $1.1 ...

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U.S. announces $49-million settlement in Malaysia 1MDB scandal

Asia is home to some of the world's largest Muslim populations stretching from the ...

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Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims

Authorities in Sumatra's Medan city prevent a pair of Malaysians from trying to smuggle ...

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Indonesia busts Malaysians for virus-mask smuggling

Latheefa Koya, a leading human rights activist who had been head of the anti-corruption ...

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Malaysia anti-graft chief who investigated 1MDB quits

(4th UPDATE) Mahathir Mohamad, who already submitted his resignation to the king, is ...

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Turmoil in Malaysia as PM Mahathir resigns

Capital Kuala Lumpur
Land Area 330,252 sq km
Population 30,073,353 (2014 estimate)
Currency Ringgit
Demonym Malaysian
Government Federal Representative Democratic Constitutional Monarchy
Head of Government Dato' Sri Mohd Najib bin Tun Abdul Raazak
Independence September 16, 1963
National Anthem Negaraku (My Country)
Languages Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil
Religion Islam
Year of ASEAN Membership established ASEAN on August 8, 1967)
Human Development Index 0.769 (2012)
GDP per Capita US$9,941
Internet Subscribers 610 (per 1,000 persons)
Inflation Rate 3% (2011)
Urban Population 71% (2011)
Life Expectancy 74.5 years
Tourist Arrival 24,714,000