Stories from Vietnam, a country that is not just one of the region's rising economic miracles, but also a hub for culture, travel, and nature.


The one-party Communist state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is currently among the rising economies in Southeast Asia.

The word Vietnam literally translates to "Southern Viet." The term 'Viet' was used to address people living in Southern China and Vietnam.

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Nguyen Quoc Duc Vuong's arrest follows the detention of a number of high-profile ...

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Vietnam jails Facebook user for pro-democracy broadcasts

The immediate focus for the 10-member bloc is the crippling cost of the coronavirus, ...

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Vietnam warns of economic calamity at ASEAN summit

Expats open homes to cash-strapped kababayans

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Filipino teachers in Vietnam lose income amid COVID-19 crisis

Head of the banned Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam, Thich Quang Do has spent most of ...

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Vietnamese dissident monk who was a Nobel Prize nominee dies at 93

The families of the 39 Vietnamese people found dead in a truck in Essex prepare for ...

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Vietnam families to bury victims of UK truck tragedy

Vietnam's foreign ministry says they would help to bring either the ashes or the bodies ...

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UK truck victim families take on loans to repatriate remains to Vietnam

Nguyen Nang Tinh is the latest activist jailed for his Facebook comments, including posts ...

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Vietnam jails music teacher for 'undermining' state

Chau Van Kham is jailed alongside Nguyen Van Vien, who got 11 years, and Tran Van Quyen, ...

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Australian citizen jailed in Vietnam for 'terrorism'

Details of well-oiled smuggling routes spanning Vietnam to Europe are under renewed ...

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Flights and fake passports: The 'VIP packages' enticing Vietnamese to UK

The dangers of illegal crossings into Europe are laid bare when 39 people were found dead ...

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Ambitious and broke, Vietnam migrants risk lives for riches in Europe

Capital Hanoi
Land Area 331,051 sq. km.
Population 89,708,900 (2013 estimate)
Currency Vietnamese dong
Demonym Vietnamese
Government Communist single-party state
Head of State Trương Tấn Sang (since 2011)
Head of Government Nguyễn Tấn Dũng
Independence September 2, 1945 (independence)
April 30, 1975 (liberation)
July 2, 1976 (reunification)
National Anthem Tien quan ca (The Song of the Marching Troops)
Language Vietnamese
Religion Buddhism
Year of ASEAN Membership 1995
Human Development Index 0.617 (2012)
GDP Per Capita US$1,403
Internet Subscribers 351 (per 1,000 persons)
Inflation Rate 8.90% (2011)
Urban Population 32% (2011)
Life Expectancy 73 years
Tourist Arrival 6,014,000